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Legend Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


  • From observing his family, Day can tell that Eden isn't doing too well. Poor guy seems really sick.
  • Day and Tess reminisce about when they first met—she was just a little girl in the Nima sector, and he felt sorry for her and shared some of his food with her.
  • She was hurt, so Day took her in and let her stay with him; when he told her to leave a couple days later, she wouldn't and so they've been scavenging together ever since.
  • They're hiding out when they hear a couple of police offers talking on the pier above them. The officers are talking about how the plague is popping up in the Zein district and it's a stronger strain.
  • They find a weird metal door that has symbols carved into the surface, including the Republic's flag and the number 318. Curious. Very curious.

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