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Legend Part 2, Chapter 1

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Part 2, Chapter 1


  • When Part Two (titled "The Girl Who Shatters The Shining Glass") opens, Day's head is positively spinning and he can't figure out what's going—all he knows is that his mom was shot in the head, and he can't forget it.
  • When Day finally comes to, he realizes that he's sitting down, cuffed, and his leg feels like it's on fire.
  • The commander who ordered his mother's death comes in and starts talking to Day, but he spits angrily in her face and asks her what she's done with his brothers.
  • He sees the girl enter the room, dressed fully in military attire. He realizes that she has a high position and that she's definitely working for the government.
  • She starts to question him and he sasses her in return. She hits him across the face with her gun, and tells him that if he doesn't answer her, she'll torture his brothers. June doesn't play around, apparently.
  • They go through the list of all of Day's crimes and he admits to them, but when she gets to the death of Metias, Day tells her that he didn't kill her brother.
  • June also reveals that they know who he is—his real name is Daniel Altan Wing and he was supposed to have died in the labor camps.
  • He also notices that June seems to seriously believe that he killed her brother, and that children who fail the Trial go to labor camps. He retorts to her by saying that she is responsible for the death of his mother. He can tell that this makes her waver a little bit.
  • June lowers her voice and tells him that she's sorry about his mother, and that she didn't want anyone to be hurt.
  • He asks about Tess, and June acts as though she has no idea what he's talking about. He realizes then that she's keeping Tess a secret from the other military members there.
  • June leaves and Day sits there. He sees something down the hall—some doctors carrying a body on a gurney. The bag on the gurney is marked with a red X, and Day starts to think.
  • Is it that the government wants something from Eden? And is the plague really something that happens accidentally, or is the government behind all this stuff?

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