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Legend Betrayal

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In Legend, there is actually a great deal of backstabbing that goes on. June betrays Day to the authorities after pretending to be another street rat like him, then she finds out that Thomas probably betrayed her and killed her beloved brother Metias while blaming it on Day (gasp)… And then she finds out that the Republic killed her parents for knowing too much about the plague… so there's another twist.

The book shows that betrayal is only necessary if you're doing it for the right means—for example, betraying Day out of an idea of revenge was a bad idea, but going against the Republic because it fits with June's morals makes sense. Finally June is sick and tired of all this backstabbing by Republic minions and decides that she's going to betray the Republic by helping Day to escape. Phew—let's hope the betrayal train stops here.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. Why does Day eventually forgive June for betraying him?
  2. How does June feel toward Thomas once she realizes that he's lying to her?
  3. What big secret does June learn when she discovers the blog entries that Metias left for her?
  4. Does Day ultimately feel more betrayed by the Republic or by June?

Chew on This

June's loyalties to the Republic shift over time because of the different ways in which the government has betrayed her and the people she cares about.

Even though Commander Jameson is a cold and unfeeling person, it's really Thomas who commits the greatest atrocities and betrayals toward the Iparises, since they considered him a close family friend.

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