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Legend Choices

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Even though Legend takes place in a totalitarian state, the characters all have the free will to make the choices that they believe are right. It may be difficult to turn her back on everything that she has in the Republic, but June has to make the decision to fight against the corruption and deceit that she encounters in the system. Similarly, even though Thomas is just following orders, he's still making the final decision to kill people when the Republic tells him to do so. He doesn't have to do those things, and neither does June.

The government may be holding a gun to their heads (figuratively and literally), but in the end, it's the individual's choice to obey an order or to rebel.

Questions About Choices

  1. How has the choice to fight against or expose the government negatively affected June's family in the past?
  2. Why does Day choose to forgive June for betraying him? Why do they end up allies?
  3. How does Metias's choice to resign change his standing in the Republic?
  4. Why does June choose to stick with Day in the end, even though the road to Las Vegas will be dangerous?

Chew on This

Though June doesn't know it at first, she comes from a line of Iparises who all make the same brave choice to say no to the terrible things that the government is doing. And when she finds out, she has no choice but to follow her family.

The characters in Legend make many of their serious choices out of love for their family—from June's decision to hunt Day down to John's decision to die in the place of Day—and by doing so, they make good choices.

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