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Legend Family

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Both of our main narrators in Legend care deeply about their families, even though they come from vastly different circumstances. Day remains in Los Angeles even though it's dangerous for him because he wants to keep an eye out for his family; and June loves her brother Metias so fiercely that when he dies she makes it her personal mission to find his killer.

Though these initial circumstances set them on opposite teams, June and Day eventually bond over their similarities and learn that the Republic is the true enemy of their families—and then they unite to fight the Republic in order to avenge the family members that they've both lost unfairly.

Questions About Family

  1. What is June's relationship with her brother like? How is it different from her relationship with Metias?
  2. Why does Day have to stay in Los Angeles to be near his family? Why doesn't he go somewhere safer?
  3. How does June feel when Thomas shoots Day's mother and kills her?
  4. Why does John take Day's place in the end?

Chew on This

Even though they come from such vastly different backgrounds, it is their mutual fierce love for their families that brings June and Day together—and helps them to understand each other.

The new Republic of America doesn't place any importance in the family unit—which is why so many people rise against the Republic.

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