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Legend Patriotism

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When we first meet June in Legend, she is a true patriot to the Republic of America. She wants to go into the military, defends the government at every turn, watches propaganda films, and even attends nationalist concerts. However, over the course of the novel she starts to understand that the country she loves so much isn't what it seems. And when she realizes what the Republic of America has really been doing, she finds that her loyalties start to change. She doesn't want to be a part of this legacy anymore—she wants to be a rebel. 

Questions About Patriotism

  1. Was Metias still a true patriot when he died?
  2. How does June's view of the Republic of America change throughout the novel?
  3. If Day hates the Republic so much, why doesn't he join the Patriots?
  4. Why are the Patriots called that if they hate the Republic so much?

Chew on This

In the Republic, only those who grow up in a truly privileged and sheltered environment can still be patriotic.

The faction against the Republic calls themselves the Patriots because they are the ones who are actually upholding true American values and treating the country with love and respect.

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