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Legend Power

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In Legend the Republic of America has a great deal of power over its citizens, and boy does the Republic like to abuse that power. Throughout the novel we slowly learn that the Republic's citizens are pretty much vulnerable to whatever crazy idea the government comes up with next. Testing dangerous viruses on the population without their knowledge? Sure, why not. Killing off its employees for knowing too much? Par for the course. Shipping people off to labor camps? All in a day's work. In short, the people do not have the power in this government at all.

Questions About Power

  1. Do elite families like June's have power in the government? Why or why not?
  2. How do Day and June take back the power of the people in the story?
  3. What are the Patriots working on and what is their goal?
  4. How does the government handle riots and rebellion?

Chew on This

In the Republic, obsession with power is encouraged, whereas family connections are discouraged. That is why people like Thomas advance, but people like Metias are killed.

The Republic wields so much power over its citizens, but it can never control what they think. That becomes clear when they sentence Day to death and people come out in great numbers to riot.

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