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Legend Truth

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If June and Day have one thing in common in Legend, it's that they both totally value the truth. They're not into drinking the Kool-Aid and just swallowing whatever the government tells them; they want to know what's really going on so that they can fight the injustices. June in particular has to turn her back on everything she's grown up with in order to learn the truth. It's not an easy journey for her, but she never gives up or decides to just follow the Republic's orders blindly like Thomas does. She seeks the truth, even if she knows she's not going to like it very much.

Questions About Truth

  1. What does June grow up believing about the Republic? How does this change over the course of the novel?
  2. What is the truth behind the plague that affects poorer slums in Los Angeles?
  3. Why do you think June's parents were killed? Why was Metias killed?
  4. How do you think the government will react when they realize that they've killed John and not Day?

Chew on This

Throughout the novel, Day and June are both searching for different truths—but they both end up with the same one: that the Republic has been lying to and killing its citizens.

June is attracted to Day because he understands her and because he's the only person who tells her the whole truth and accepts what she says as the truth.

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