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Fauchelevent in Les Misérables

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Fauchelevent is an old man whose life Jean Valjean saves, even though Fauchelevent has spent the majority of his time badmouthing Valjean. Rather than spend a long time showing us what Fauchelevent is like, the novel tells us:

Fauchelevent was an old man who all his life had been wholly self-centered but who now, at the end of his days, crippled, infirm and having no further interest in life, took pleasure in his sense of gratitude. (

When the man finally gets the opportunity to return Valjean's kindness and save his life, he's thrilled to get the chance. He manages to hide Valjean inside a convent until the threat posed by Inspector Javert has passed (at least temporarily). Now that's some solid payback.

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