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Les Misérables Part 5, Book 5

By Victor Hugo

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Part 5, Book 5

Grandson and Grandfather

  • This book takes us all the way back to the village of Montfermeil, where Jean Valjean buried his fortune many years ago and where he still goes now and then to replenish his cash flow. As you might remember, there's a road worker who has always wanted to know where this cash is hidden. But for one last time, Valjean gives him the slip and gets away with all of his money.
  • Back at Monsieur Gillenormand's house, Marius is recovering and ready for a fight with his grandfather, since he's still intent on marrying Cosette. But his grandfather doesn't oppose the marriage anymore—he's just happy to have Marius back in his life, safe and sound.
  • When Marius is feeling better, Cosette visits him and the two of them bask in the happiness they've found together.
  • While all this is happening, Marius' aunt can't help but ask what the two young lovers will do for money once they're married.
  • This is a good moment for Jean Valjean to speak up and announce that Cosette has more than half a million francs to her name.
  • Minds. Blown. Let the wedding preparations begin!
  • Monsieur Gillenormand and Jean Valjean take responsibility for organizing everything.
  • While the preparations are going on, Marius thinks about how badly he'd like to track down Thénardier (to whom he still owes a debt) and the mystery man who carried him away from the rebel barricade.
  • In the meantime, Cosette and Jean Valjean visit him every day of his recovery. He eventually finds the driver of the carriage that brought him home that day, but the driver doesn't know who brought him, since Jean Valjean was completely covered with sewage that day.

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