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Mrs. Glover and George in Life After Life

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Mrs. Glover and George

Mrs. Glover is the domineering cook of the Todd household. She's a powerful figure early on, because she's not a lady to let herself be ordered around, even though she's technically a servant: "In the prosperous household of Sylvie's childhood, Cook was called 'Cook' but Mrs. Glover preferred 'Mrs. Glover.' It made her irreplaceable. Sylvie still stubbornly thought of her as Cook" (4.2). Oh, Sylvie—you would.

Her strapping son, George, is a farmhand who gives the family a pair of rabbits. He's injured in a gas attack during World War I, and Mrs. Glover starts working with the family less and less to take care of him. Eventually she leaves and we never see her again.

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