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Life After Life Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


12 November 1918

  • Ursula wakes up with a "great dread" (11.2) washing over her.
  • She has this feeling that no one should go downstairs to see Bridget, so she stays quietly in bed so that Pamela doesn't wake up either.
  • Bridget is very ill, so Sylvie calls Dr. Fellowes.
  • In the kitchen, Mrs. Glover is grinding calf tongue (for real—this isn't 19th-century slang for making out, we swear) when Fred Smith, the butcher's boy, shows up with a delivery.
  • When he leaves, everyone notices they haven't seen Teddy in a while.
  • Ursula finds him on Bridget's bed. Well, Bridget's deathbed, actually—she's blue and still.
  • Teddy gets violently ill, bloody spit frothing from his nostrils, and quickly dies.
  • Ursula, too, gets sick, and soon dies.
  • As it does, "Darkness fell" (11.46).

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