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Life After Life Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


11 November 1918

  • Ursula tries to talk to Sylvie about her recurring memories, memories of lives she's had before.
  • Sylvie calls it déjà vu, and encourages her to think sunny thoughts instead, but Bridget thinks that Ursula has the "second sight" (17.4).
  • This time around, when they're given rabbits, Ursula convinces Pamela to hide them indoors, where they thrive and multiply.
  • When Armistice Day rolls around, Ursula gives Bridget a big ol' shove down the stairs and breaks her arm.
  • Bridget swears she was pushed, and Ursula hides—she knows she did a bad thing even if it saved the whole family from dying of Spanish Flu.
  • She comes out of hiding when her dad comes home from war.

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