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Life After Life Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

A Lovely Day Tomorrow

2 September 1939

  • Ursula visits with Pammy and Harold, but doesn't stay the night with them because she has plans.
  • She puts on the yellow crepe de Chine dress that she bought (this time) and listens to the Appleyards fighting next door.
  • Crighton has told her that war is coming tomorrow, but he hasn't told her whether or not they're going to be staying together.
  • She ends up changing dresses before dinner (guess the color is more "red herring" than yellow) and they go to a hotel after.
  • He tells her that he's leaving his wife, Moira, and his girls, and although he doesn't want to marry Ursula (she doesn't want to marry him, either), he'd like her to live with him.
  • She raises a toast to him and says yes.

April 1940

  • Maurice picks Ursula up from Crighton's place to take her to Fox Corner for Hugh's birthday.
  • She remembers to take off her fake wedding ring before leaving, not wanting to draw attention from her family to her fake relationship.
  • The whole family (except for Pammy, who can't travel with her brood) gather, dine, and bicker at the table, just like old times.
  • Sylvie snipes at Izzie, people talk about war, Maurice wonders why Ursula is still single, and evacuee children Sylvie is letting live at Fox Corner run around like crazy.
  • As Hugh blows out his candle, one of the evacuees announces that a woman with "loads of bloody kids" (22.124) has arrived. It's Pammy.
  • Back home with Crighton, Ursula considers signing up for the women's auxiliary to do her part for the war effort.

November 1940

  • When Jimmy comes to visit, Ursula bumps into Renee Miller, who insists she return to the apartment building to visit the Misses Nesbit.
  • Ursula does, and she brings Mrs. Appleyard a parcel of old baby clothes from Pammy.
  • Unfortunately, she's there the same day the bomb drops.
  • The man tries to rescue her, calling her Susie, but "everything was dark" (22.178).

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