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Life After Life Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


June 1918

  • Bridget is engaged to Clarence Dodds, one of Sam Wellington's pals; he wears a mask over half his face because he's all disfigured like Two-Face.
  • Sylvie is planning a surprise party for Teddy's fourth birthday, so Bridget takes the kids to Mrs. Dodds's house to eat cake and show off her engagement ring (which Sylvie gave her because Clarence couldn't afford one).
  • Bridget and Clarence fantasize about married life on the way back to the party. They'd been gone so long, Ursula had totally forgotten about it, and she's surprised too.

11 November 1918

  • The family's new dog, Trixie, crawls next door to the new neighbor's house. They're the Shawcrosses, and they have about as many kids as Kate Gosselin.
  • Even though there's a rumor of a deadly flu going around in London, Bridget and Clarence head there for Armistice Day.
  • The kids greet Bridget when she returns late that night and tells them of the festivities.
  • Ursula and Bridget get sick fast. They run super high fevers and their skin turns lilac as though they'd been in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
  • "Darkness fell swiftly" (9.69).

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