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Life After Life War

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There are few books that span not just one but two wars. Life After Life shows quite a contrast between World War I and World War II, both of which Ursula Todd lives through. (Well, to varying results.) Just like reading about a war isn't the same as living through a time period where bombs are exploding down the street, living during times of war is different depending on how close to home war is. World War I seems to pass Fox Corner by, but World War II takes over the entire world, and there's no avoiding the devastation.

Questions About War

  1. How do World War I and World War II affect the Todd family differently? How do they impact the family similarly?
  2. What would life have been like for Ursula if she had been in her twenties and thirties during World War I instead of World War II? Why?
  3. How is life different for Ursula when she lives in London during WWII versus living in Germany? Be specific, please.

Chew on This

The characters in this book don't really care about the war until it affects them personally.

It's ironic how the Armistice—the end of World War I—ends up being a day of death for the Todd family.

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