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Light in August Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • Lena goes into labor.
  • Byron goes to Hightower's place, asking him to go to the cabin and help with the delivery while he finds a doctor.
  • By the time Byron returns with the doctor, the baby has been born and Mrs. Hines is holding him. Mr. Hines is asleep, while Hightower looks completely exhausted and even sickly.
  • Mrs. Hines is delusional now, and she's convinced that Lena is her daughter Milly and that the new baby is Joe Christmas. She's staring at Lena and Lena is really starting to freak out.
  • Byron realizes that he should probably tell Joe Brown about his new family since all this crazy stuff is going down. So he leaves to find Joe.
  • Hightower heads back home but can't sleep, so he comes back to the cabin to find Lena alone. She seems surprised to see him and Hightower thinks that she was expecting Byron to walk in, and not him.
  • Lena tells him that Mr. Hines snuck out of the cabin and Mrs. Hines left to go find him.
  • Still restless, Hightower walks to the mill, where he learns that Byron has quit. Hightower hears that Byron is probably at the courthouse awaiting Christmas's trial.

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