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Pedro Muzquiz in Like Water for Chocolate

By Laura Esquivel

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Pedro Muzquiz

What to say about this man? Tita's true love, Rosaura's unfaithful husband, father of Roberto and Esperanza, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's hard, at least for us, to decide whether we're on team Pedro or not. Sometimes he's cuddly and loveable, like when he tells his father that he "will marry with a great love for Tita that will never die" (1. 57).

Other times he's acting a fool, like when he gets jealous of Tita and when she held hands with Dr. Brown:

What was going on? Tita belonged to him, and he wasn't going to let anyone else take her away. (7.486)

Or, you know, when he throws his little hissyfits:

You don't want to talk to John because you're starting to have doubts about whether to stay with me or marry him, right? (11.709)

Sure, Pedro claims to have married another woman to be close to Tita, but we gotta wonder—does that make it any better? Is he a man of morals, or just super selfish? Is he a hopeless romantic, or just hopeless?

Oftentimes both he and Tita wonder why he didn't just run away with her from the start. To be honest, so do we. Then again, that would have been a whole different novel.

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