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Like Water for Chocolate Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

OCTOBER, Cream Fritters

  • Mmmm, fritters…Tita is making Gertrudis's favorite dessert because she's leaving the next day.
  • While the custard cools, Tita unloads all of her drama on Gertrudis.
  • Like the badass she is, Gertrudis speaks the truth: Her opinion is that Tita and Pedro have snuck around and lied enough and it's done more harm than good.
  • Speak of the devil. Gertrudis sees Pedro approaching and tells Tita that she should share her baby news with Pedro at the exact moment he's within hearing distance. SLICK.
  • While they go off to talk Gertrude works on the syrup for the fritters.
  • Unfortunately, when it comes to cooking, Gertrudis is hopeless and asks Chencha for help—she refuses.
  • In the garden Pedro asks Tita why she didn't tell him and then says they should run away.
  • But Tita is too good—she can't just abandon Rosaura and Esperanza.
  • Pulque comes up behind them and they decide to postpone the convo (AS ALWAYS).
  • Back in the kitchen, Gertrudis is working with Sergeant Trevino, who is not much better at cooking than she.
  • It's flashback time. Gertrudis recalls when Trevino had to uncover a spy who had infiltrated the troop.
  • When they got to the town of Saltillo he visited every brothel and found the man, beat him to death, and cut off his testicles.
  • When Gertrudis asked why he murdered the spy so brutally he confessed that the same man raped his mother and sister years ago.
  • Flashback finished, Gertrudis tells Trevino that if he doesn't do the syrup right shell have him shot. But, hey, no pressure.
  • Somehow Trevino is able to make the syrup well; he brings a fritter to Tita for her approval; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
  • Tita is in bed with a swollen belly.
  • Hark, a love song. Tita gets up when she hears Pedro drunkenly singing to her outside the window.
  • She's baaaack. Mama E appears and tells Tita that they are "shameless."
  • An argument ensues, and Tita tells her mother that she hates her.
  • Magically, the figure of her mother starts to shrink into a tiny light and even more astonishing is that Tita gets her period.
  • Even as a light Mama E is frighteningly powerful—she spins out of control, lands on Pedro, and lights the poor guy on fire.
  • Pedro runs across the patio like a "human torch" until Gertrudis tackles and puts him out with her dress.
  • Tita rushes downstairs and holds his hand as several men carry him to his room.
  • Rosaura also goes to help her husband, but Pedro cries out, "Tita, don't go. Don't leave me" (10, 690).
  • The sisters have a stare down and Rosaura finally gives in.
  • Tita nurses Pedro and treats his burns with egg whites and grated raw potatoes.
  • Gertrudis leaves the ranch because she has orders to attack the Zacatecas.
  • Better safe than sorry; before she goes, she shares a contraceptive method learned from prostitutes with Tita.
  • Just like in the movies, Gertrudis and her troop ride away, along with some precious cream fritters in her saddlebag.
  • A cart carrying John and his great aunt appear.
  • Always the smooth operator, John gives Tita a bouquet of roses.
  • But when he kisses her right away, "he knew that something had changed inside of Tita" (10,702). Gulp.

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