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Like Water for Chocolate Freedom/Liberation

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"Give me liverty, or give me death."

For much of the novel, Tita is trying or longing to break free of the rule of Mama Elena. For many reasons, it takes a while for her to get off the ranch (many, many years). When she does finally leave, she is able to live as an individual for the first time in her life. The other character that does this? Gertrudis. As with our theme of love, it seems like the two daughters are on one side of the battle (rebels) against more conventional and, at times, powerful forces of Mama Elena and Rosaura (the Federales).

Questions About Freedom/Liberation

  1. Does Tita attain freedom when she goes to live with John?
  2. Does any female character attain freedom without the help of a male?
  3. Was Mama Elena a liberated woman? Why or why not?
  4. Does freedom mean having nothing left to lose? Is anyone in Like Water for Chocolate free?

Chew on This

The only way for Tita to be free was to die.

Gertrudis attained true freedom from her mother and family by running away. Does this make her brave or a coward?

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