Study Guide

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Chapter 10

By C.S. Lewis

Chapter 10

The Spell Begins to Break

  • Back at the Beavers' house, the beavers and children have been hurriedly preparing for their journey to the Stone Table. The children and Mr. Beaver want to leave immediately, but Mrs. Beaver insists on taking a few moments to pack some food and supplies.
  • Mrs. Beaver is sad to leave her sewing machine behind, but everyone convinces her that they have to leave. Mr. Beaver locks the door and they set off into the night.
  • The beavers and children walk single file in the moonlight along a path by the riverbank. The walk is beautiful, but tiring, and everyone is worried about what's going to happen.
  • Just as everyone is almost asleep on their feet, Mr. Beaver leads the children into a small cave hidden in the bank. Mr. Beaver explains that it is a secret hiding-place for beavers and he's led them to it so they can sleep for a few hours.
  • After a drink of something warming from a flask, they all go to sleep.
  • Lucy wakes up hours later feeling cold and stiff. Everyone else wakes around the same time and they hear bells outside.
  • Mr. Beaver darts outside to find out what is making the noise. Everyone else waits, fearing that the Witch has found them.
  • After a few minutes, they hear voices. Mr. Beaver comes back and tells them to come out – it's not the Witch that has found them.
  • Mrs. Beaver and the children come out of the cave into daylight. Outside, they see Father Christmas (Santa Claus) on a sledge driven by reindeer. Everyone feels excited, but also solemn, because Father Christmas is more impressive than they expected.
  • Father Christmas tells the children that, although the Witch has kept him out for a long time, he has finally gotten in to Narnia due to Aslan's power.
  • Father Christmas gives everyone presents:
  • Mrs. Beaver gets a new sewing machine, which Father Christmas leaves in her house.
  • Mr. Beaver gets his dam finished and repaired.
  • Peter gets a sword and a shield with a picture of a red lion on it.
  • Susan gets a bow and arrows and a horn. They are magic, so that the arrows almost never miss and the horn will summon help to any place.
  • Lucy gets a dagger and a little diamond bottle with magic medicine in it that can cure any injury or illness.
  • Father Christmas tells Susan and Lucy that their weapons are only for defense – they are not supposed to fight in the upcoming battle. Lucy says she feels brave enough to fight, but Father Christmas says that "battles are ugly when women fight." (We have more to say about that in the "Quotes and Thoughts" section!)
  • As a final gift, Father Christmas gives them a tray with tea, milk, sugar, and cups for everyone. Then he drives off, wishing them a Merry Christmas.
  • Everyone drinks the tea and eats some of the food they brought, and then they set off on their journey again.

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