Study Guide

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Chapter 16

By C.S. Lewis

Chapter 16

What Happened About the Statues

  • Lucy is amazed to see the Witch's courtyard; she thinks all the statues make it look like a museum.
  • Aslan begins bounding around, pouncing and romping like a big cat. Each time he comes near one of the statues, he breathes on it.
  • Lucy and Susan realize that Aslan's breath is un-petrifying the statues, turning stone back into the people and creatures of Narnia!
  • First, Aslan turns the statue of a lion back into a real lion. The real lion is excited to see Aslan and follows him around.
  • Soon the courtyard is full of different people and creatures laughing and talking.
  • Susan notices Aslan arrive at the feet of the stone giant. She's worried that the giant might not be friendly, but once Aslan has breathed on his feet and restored him to health, Giant Rumblebuffin turns out to be the Witch's enemy and their friend.
  • After they finish with the courtyard, Aslan instructs everyone to go into the Witch's house and find all the other prisoners and statues.
  • While they are ransacking the Witch's castle, Lucy finds Mr. Tumnus, who has indeed been turned to stone. Aslan breathes on him and soon he and Lucy are having a happy reunion!
  • Finally, everyone has been rescued. Aslan has Giant Rumblebuffin smash the walls of the courtyard with his club and everyone emerges into the woods.
  • Giant Rumblebuffin is sweaty after working hard to destroy the walls, so Lucy lends him her handkerchief to mop his face. The handkerchief is far too small for him, but he is very polite and thanks Lucy anyway. Mr. Tumnus tells Lucy that all the Buffins are good giants.
  • Aslan organizes everyone for the journey across country back to the site of the battle, where they need to join in and help Peter, Edmund, and everyone else. The other lion is flattered and excited to help Aslan, but not very helpful.
  • Eventually, they set off. The animals that can track scents – dogs and lions and wolves – pick up the scent of the army and lead the way. The animals that can run trot along behind them, with everyone else riding on their backs. Lucy and Susan ride on Aslan.
  • As they come to the end of the valley and onto the plain, Lucy is able to hear the sounds of the battle – metal clashing against metal, shouting, and shrieking.
  • On the battlefield, Peter, Edmund, and the rest of Aslan's army are valiantly holding their ground against the Witch's forces, even though they are outnumbered and exhausted.
  • There are statues everywhere, but the Witch seems to have lost her wand and is using the stone knife to fight Peter.
  • Lucy and Susan get off Aslan's back and he rushes toward the Witch and pounces on her!
  • The people and creatures that Aslan has freed from the Witch's castle rush into the battle, acting as reinforcements.

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