Study Guide

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Chapter 3

By C.S. Lewis

Chapter 3

Edmund and the Wardrobe

  • Lucy runs into the hallway and assures her brothers and sister that she's come back safely. None of them understand what she's talking about, because they only left the room a moment ago.
  • Lucy insists that she has been gone for hours, but for the others it has only been a few moments since they saw her.
  • When the others don't believe her, Lucy explains about the magic country called Narnia that they can reach through the wardrobe. She takes them back into the room to show it to them, but now the wardrobe has an ordinary wooden back.
  • Peter thinks Lucy is carrying out some kind of elaborate practical joke. He congratulates her on the hoax, but tells her to drop it now.
  • For days, Lucy is frustrated and upset. She refuses to admit that she made up the story, because she knows she is telling the truth.
  • Edmund is especially mean to Lucy about her story. He constantly teases her about her imaginary country.
  • While the weather is nice, the children play outside a lot. One day, though, it rains, and the children are stuck inside the house again. They decide to play hide-and-seek.
  • When everyone goes to hide, Lucy goes straight to the room with the wardrobe. She plans to look inside it and then find somewhere else to hide, but then she hears someone behind her and has to hide in it anyway.
  • The person behind Lucy is Edmund. He sees her jump into the wardrobe and goes in after her so that he can tease her. Once Edmund gets into the wardrobe and shuts the door, though, he can't find Lucy – or the way out!
  • As Edmund gropes around in the wardrobe, he sees a light and goes toward it. He discovers himself in the snowy wood beside the lamppost.
  • Edmund realizes that Lucy's story was true, which makes him feel uncomfortable about teasing her. He thinks she must be close by and shouts out an apology, but she doesn't appear.
  • Edmund assumes that Lucy can hear him, but won't come out because she is still angry.
  • Before Edmund can decide what to do, he hears bells, and a large winter sledge drawn by reindeer comes into view.
  • The reindeer are enormous and their antlers are gilded. The sledge is driven by a dwarf dressed in rich furs. Riding in the sledge is a very tall, white-faced woman carrying a gold wand and wearing a gold crown.
  • The woman commands the dwarf to stop the sledge in front of Edmund. She asks Edmund what he is. He doesn't really understand the question and tells her that his name is Edmund.
  • The woman is angry that Edmund doesn't recognize her as the Queen of Narnia. She repeats her question, asking Edmund what he is. Again, Edmund doesn't understand, and says that he is in school, except that it's the holidays (summer break).

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