Study Guide

Little Bee (The Other Hand) Chapter 10

By Chris Cleave

Chapter 10

  • This chapter is narrated by Sarah. After she sends Little Bee to go down to Charlie and Lawrence, she calls her publisher and resigns.
  • When she returns to join Little Bee and Lawrence, she sees Charlie is missing. Frantic, she searches the beach for him, afraid he's drowned in the river.
  • Lawrence comes to Little Bee and says, "Bee, you take my phone and you go up on the embankment and you call the police. Then you wait for them, so you can show them where we are when they arrive" (10.52).
  • Sarah gives Little Bee the number for the police. She doesn't understand why Little Bee is hesitating to call.
  • Lawrence runs off, and soon returns, with Charlie in his arms. He'd been hiding in a drainage pipe. Deeply relieved, Sarah hugs Charlie and thanks Lawrence.