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Little Bee (The Other Hand) Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • When Little Bee (who narrates this chapter) wakes up the next morning, Sarah asks her to tell the rest of the story. Little Bee doesn't want to tell her, but Sarah insists.
  • [<em>OK, back to the past.</em>]
  • After Andrew and Sarah leave, the hunters take Little Bee and her sister down the beach to an abandoned boat that's turned upside down. They force Little Bee under the random boat.
  • They rape her sister against the boat, then smash her body against it again and again, until every bone in her body is broken, and until she's finally dead.
  • The pieces of her body the dogs don't eat are thrown into the sea. After this, Little Bee watches the leader swim out into the ocean. He doesn't come back.
  • Then, Little Bee comes out from under the boat and walks back to the beach where she met Sarah and Andrew. She finds Andrew's wallet on the beach and takes his driver's license and business card.
  • For three nights Little Bee walks. During the days, she hides in the jungle.
  • When she comes to a port, she stows away on a British cargo ship.
  • At this point, Charlie wakes up, and we're quickly brought back to the present. Sarah takes him to nursery school.
  • When she gets back, she asks Little Bee if she wants to stay with her and Charlie.
  • Little Bee says she's afraid to put them in danger because she's an illegal alien.
  • Sarah says she's sure they can get her papers straightened out.
  • Charlie's nursery school calls. Charlie is freaking out.
  • Sarah and Little Bee go to the nursery school. At the nursery, Charlie is in a corner screaming. He tells Sarah he doesn't want her, he only wants his daddy. Little Bee goes into the corner with Charlie.
  • He says he's upset because they made him take off his Batman costume when he peed in it. They talk about Andrew's death, and about the death of Little Bee's family. Little Bee tells Charlie he's very lucky because he has a mother who loves him. Eventually, Charlie comes out of the corner, and the three of them walk back home.
  • Little Bee tells Sarah she'd like to stay and be a daughter to her and a sister to Charlie, at least until the men come again to take her away.

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