Study Guide

Little Bee (The Other Hand) Chapter 6

By Chris Cleave

Chapter 6

  • When they get back from the nursery, Sarah, who narrates this chapter, remembers when her life got more "serious" (6.1).
  • [All right, her turn for a flashback.]
  • Sarah was mad at Andrew for complaining about all kinds of social problems instead of focusing on people who are working to make things better. She decides she wants to do a serious feature for Nixie, and sets up interview with people who work at the Home Office.
  • When she gets to the Home Office, she meets Lawrence Osborne, who is also married with children.
  • In Lawrence's office, they make love. (And we just thought they'd get coffee or something...)
  • Their affair remains a secret for about six months.
  • One day, Sarah is at a cocktail party with Lawrence when Andrew shows up. The affair is revealed and Andrew leaves Sarah.
  • Because Charlie misses Andrew, Sarah asks him to come back home and he agrees. She has free tickets for a Nigerian vacation, and she suggests that she and Andrew take it together. You know, patch things up in a beautiful ocean setting. Yes, please.
  • He's apprehensive, but agrees. For the two years after Nigeria, Andrew grows increasingly depressed.
  • [End flashback.]
  • Sarah talks to Little Bee more about getting her papers straightened out.
  • Soon, there's a knock on the door. It's Lawrence.
  • He told his wife he's out of town taking a class. Sarah isn't pleased that he's here (um, and lying), but lets him in.
  • That night, Lawrence tries to pressure Sarah into abandoning Little Bee. When he goes too far, she says, "Do you really want me to make a choice like that? I cut off my own bloody finger. Do you think I wouldn't cut you off too?" (6.275). Slam.
  • Lawrence is upset, and gets his coat to leave. Sarah stops him and convinces him to stay.