Study Guide

Little Bee (The Other Hand) Chapter 7

By Chris Cleave

Chapter 7

  • The next morning, after Sarah and Little Bee return from a trip to the store, Sarah takes a nap.
  • While, she's napping, Lawrence and Little Bee (who narrates this chapter) talk.
  • Lawrence tells Little Bee he thinks she's bad for Sarah, and should leave.
  • He threatens to call the police on her.
  • She says that if he does that, she'll tell his family about the affair, and make sure Sarah hates him.  Back at ya.
  • Little Bee tries to make friends with him, but he says he's too "selfish" (7.133) to be friends with a refugee girl. Little Bee says she's selfish, too.
  • She reveals to Lawrence that after she was released from the detention center, she came here and hid in the bushes for several days. She watched Andrew, and wanted revenge on him for letting her sister die.
  • Andrew saw Little Bee and thought she was a hallucination – he was convinced she died on the beach that day.
  • Little Bee started to feel sorry for him. The day he hung himself, she tried to convince him she's not a ghost, but he locked himself in his study.
  • After a little while, she went to the study to check on Andrew, and found hanging from the ceiling by an electric cord, still alive.  Little Bee tried to get him down, but Andrew was just too heavy.
  • She wanted to call the police, but she was afraid she'd get hurt if she did. While she pondered what to do, Andrew died.
  • Lawrence says Little Bee is guilty of a crime.
  • He wants to go to the police, but then he'd have to tell Sarah that Little Bee was with Andrew the day he died, and that would hurt her.  What to do?
  • Lawrence and Little Bee agree to not tell each other's secrets.