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Little Bee (The Other Hand) Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Little Bee narrates this chapter. It's the morning after Lawrence's second night of sleeping over.
  • Around dawn, Sarah comes to Little Bee's room. She wants everybody to go to the South Bank in London. Little Bee wants to stay at home, but Sarah convinces her to come along.
  • Sarah, Little Bee, Charlie, and Lawrence take the train into London, and then walk to look at the river. On the walkway, Little Bee watches all the people go by.
  • When she sees people of all races and nationalities, she realizes she actually <em>could</em> blend in here in London. Maybe it's best if she leaves Sarah and Charlie. So, she walks away.
  • When she looks back and sees Sarah and Charlie and Lawrence together, she's realizes she doesn't trust Lawrence with Charlie, and goes back.
  • Little Bee and Charlie go down some stone steps so Charlie can play. Little Bee says he should take off his Batman costume so he doesn't get too hot.
  • Charlie tells Little Bee that he has to keep it on all the time. He tells her, "if I is not Batman <em>all the time</em> then mine daddy dies" (9.94).
  • Charlie believes that his daddy died because Charlie was at the nursery, and couldn't protect him. Little Bee explains that it isn't his fault.
  • She offers to tell Charlie her real name if he takes off his costume, but he won't so she doesn't.
  • Lawrence comes and plays with Charlie, and Little Bee goes to talk to Sarah.
  • Sarah tells Little Bee that last night when she was poking around Andrew's study, she found a book's-worth of research and writing about refugees and immigration detention centers.
  • Sarah wants to continue Andrew's work, possibly write a book.
  • Lawrence, Sarah tells Little Bee, got really mad when she told him her idea just now. Sarah tells Little Bee she needs to make a phone call, and Little Bee goes to join Lawrence and Charlie.
  • Lawrence says he'll pay Little Bee to leave. Little Bee tells Lawrence he should go back to his family. Sarah comes down the steps.
  • She asks Little Bee and Lawrence where Charlie is. They don't know.  Charlie is nowhere to be seen. He took off while they were talking.

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