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Little Dorrit Book 1, Chapter 28

By Charles Dickens

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Book 1, Chapter 28

Nobody's Disappearance

  • Meagles writes a couple of letters to Miss Wade to try to get Tattycoram back. No dice.
  • He then puts some ads in the paper and gets a bunch of responses from random people asking for money, but still no Tattycoram.
  • One day Arthur goes out to the Meagleses, and Pet meets him before they get to the house.
  • She is strangely nice, and so Arthur puts two and two together and realizes that she and Gowan must be engaged.
  • Pet clearly understands that Arthur was into her, and from what she says, it sounds like Meagles was sort of hoping Arthur and Pet would happen.
  • But Arthur sucks it up, wishes Pet well, and says that he'll always be her friend.
  • She in turn asks him to make her dad like Gowan a little more (ouch), and Arthur agrees.
  • They meet Doyce and Meagles, and everyone but Arthur goes in the house.
  • Arthur hangs out by the river to think about things. You know, sad love things. If it were modern times, he'd drive away and every song on the radio would now remind him of how he and Pet aren't together. But since it's back in the day, all he can do is watch the water flow by and think Deep Thoughts.

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