Study Guide

The Little Prince Chapter 13

By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Chapter 13

  • Who’s next? The businessman. This guy is a classic workaholic. He’s more interested in his work than he is in a potential visitor.
  • The prince has to keep asking, over and over, to determine what this guy is counting.
  • It turns out the businessman is counting stars. He claims he owns all of them.
  • The prince wants to know what he will do with the stars, and the businessman says that he will write down the number of stars on a piece of paper and put this paper in a bank.
  • Then the little prince says that he owns three volcanoes and a flower, and that they are of some use to him just as he is to them. But the businessman is of no use to the stars.
  • As the chapter ends, the prince is even more convinced that adults are weird. Time to go to the next planet.

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