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The Little Prince Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • So the narrator had been lonely all his life. (Aww…)
  • But six years before, he has a plane accident in the Sahara that changes all this. (Cue flashback!)
  • At the time, the narrator’s plane has a faulty engine and he is forced to land in the desert, miles away from human habitation.
  • There, he meets a small person who asks the narrator to draw him a sheep. The narrator is shocked, and doesn’t know how to react to this bizarre situation; he ends up drawing his old drawing of the boa constrictor from the outside.
  • And the strange little fellow says he wants a drawing of a sheep, not of a boa constrictor swallowing an elephant. (Wait, what? This guy just passed the friendship test!)
  • The narrator then draws three sheep, all of which the little guy rejects: too thin, too old, and so on. (Too bad the narrator couldn’t use the Internet)
  • So the narrator finally draws him a box and tells the boy that the sheep is inside it. Surprisingly, the kid thinks this is perfect.

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