Study Guide

The Little Prince Chapter 24

By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Chapter 24

  • After describing the little prince’s various adventures, the narrator brings us back to the desert in the Sahara where he is stuck because his plane won’t work. It’s been eight days since his plane’s accident, and as he is listening to the little prince talk about his adventures, the narrator drinks the last drop of his water.
  • The narrator is worried that he will die of thirst and is also concerned that his engine is not yet fixed.
  • The narrator and the little prince take a long, long walk, looking for water. After sunset, they are exhausted and stop to rest.
  • Looking at the stars, the prince says that the stars are beautiful because there is a flower on one of them. Similarly, the desert is beautiful because it hides a well.
  • The narrator is struck by the truth behind these remarks.
  • After the little prince falls asleep, the narrator carries him and continues searching for water. He notes that the little prince’s love for his flower lights up his entire being. He also realizes that the little prince’s body is only a shell, and that what is most important is invisible.
  • At daybreak, he comes upon a well.

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