Study Guide

The Little Prince Chapter 27

By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Chapter 27

  • In this chapter, the narrator brings us back to his present. He’s finished telling us the story about the prince, and says that all of that happened six years in the past. Hard to believe it’s been such a long time!
  • He also admits that he hasn’t told anybody else about the prince.
  • The narrator is still really sad, because he misses his friend. However, he is confident that the prince didn’t really die – there was no body to be found. He concludes that it was not such a heavy body after all.
  • At night, the narrator listens to the stars laughing – they sound like little bells.
  • The narrator worries about the prince’s sheep. Even though the narrator drew a muzzle for it, he forgot to draw a strap, so the prince would not be able to put it on the sheep. Sometimes, the narrator is sure that the prince will carefully watch over the flower and the sheep, and he is happy; on other days, he worries that the sheep might have eaten the rose.
  • At this point, the narrator addresses us readers directly: He says that for all of us who love the little prince, the universe will be completely changed depending on whether or not the sheep has eaten the flower. He adds that adults will never understand that this is a matter of great importance.

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