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The Little Prince Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • Over the next few days, the narrator learns more about the little prince and his planet.
  • There are baobabs on the prince’s tiny planet. They start out as little weeds and will eventually grow to become “trees as big as castles” (5.7).
  • These baobabs can split the planet apart if they are not gotten rid of early, and the little prince hopes that the sheep will eat the tiny baobab bushes and help him keep his planet free of baobabs. It is impossible to get rid of a baobab once it has formed deep roots.
  • All it takes is some discipline to uproot the tiny baobabs as soon as they are spotted, the little prince says. This is tedious, but easy work.
  • He asks the narrator to draw a picture of the baobabs in order to warn the children of Earth about them. The narrator asks readers to pay attention to it, saying it is the most important drawing in the book.

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