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The Little Prince Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • In this chapter, we get to know the prince’s flower better.
  • Here’s how that goes down: The prince tells the narrator about this one flower that he really loves. This flower is unlike all the other simple flowers on his planet.
  • It took this flower a long time to arrive at her full potential, but when she emerged from her bud, the prince was moved by her beauty.
  • The flower is rather vain and demanding. She claims her four thorns will be ample protection against tigers. She does, however, dislike drafts, so she asks the prince to make her a screen. At night, she demands he place her under a glass globe because his planet is very cold.
  • But the flower’s sharp words make the little prince unhappy.
  • He tells the narrator that he should have known not to pay attention to the things she said and rather focused on her deeds: on how she cast her fragrance over his planet, and her beauty over him. He realizes that the things she said grew out of her insecurity, but he was too young then to understand how to properly love her. He ended up leaving her, which he regrets.

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