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A Little Princess Transformation

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Chapter 7

"You are not a princess any longer. Your carriage and your pony will be sent away—your maid will be dismissed." (7.176)

That's right! You heard me! Your carriage and pony will be taken away, you fallen princess, you!

Chapter 8

The change in her life did not come about gradually, but was made all at once. (8.4)

One minute, Sara's opening all her birthday gifts and the guest of honor at school. The next minute, she's sent to the attic and told to help out the cook. What a trip! This is less a transformation than a shove off a high-dive.

Sara Crewe

"I am different," she explained, "though not in the way you think. Miss Minchin does not want me to talk to the girls. Most of them don't want to talk to me." (8.56)

Sara feels awkward around Ermengarde after she's delegated to maid-work because they're no longer on the same level. But she's no different, really—it's just that people see her differently.

Chapter 9

She was walking round the small place, holding Lottie's hand and making gestures which described all the beauties she was making herself see. She quite made Lottie see them, too. (9.34)

Sara tries to transform her sad attic room for Lottie so that she won't feel sorry for her—and it works. Until Lottie leaves, that is.

Chapter 10

Sara started, and all at once realized that she looked exactly like poor children she had seen, in her better days, waiting on the pavement to watch her as she got out of her brougham. (10.8)

Oh dear! How awfully embarrassing! Jeeves, please bring our fine silks at once!

Chapter 15

"…The Magic has come and done it, Becky, while we were asleep—the magic that won't let the worst things EVER quite happen." (15.260)

We wish we had a magical secret friend who cleaned our rooms every night. Seriously.

The face she saw was a shining wonderful thing. The Princess Sara—as she remembered her—stood at her very bedside, holding a candle in her hand. (15.259)

Sara is so excited when she sees that her room has been tricked out in the middle of the night that Becky thinks she's looking like her old self again.

"These are the plates," she said. "They are golden plates. These are the richly embroidered napkins. Nuns worked them in convents in Spain." (15.154)

With the magic of her imagination, Sara transforms some knick-knacks in her room into beautiful party things.

Chapter 19

And actually it was the beggar-child, clean and neatly clothed, and looking as if she had not been hungry for a long time. (19.41)

Sara's not the only one who looks completely different. That starving child has gotten a bit of a makeover, too. This is a transformation that we're glad to see.

"My word!" ejaculated Jessie, jogging Lavinia's elbow. "Look at the Princess Sara!"

Much to everyone's shock, Sara starts wearing fancy clothes again—but, she's still the same Sara.

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