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A Little Princess Chapter 11

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Chapter 11

Ram Dass

  • Sara spends her time (when she has any free time) up in the attic looking out onto the roof and into the sky.
  • She's watching the sun set one day when she sees a Lascar (an Indian man-servant) with a monkey climb out onto the roof.
  • They smile at each other.
  • The monkey suddenly breaks loose and runs over to Sara's roof, where it lands on her shoulder and scurries into her attic room.
  • Sara volunteers to help—in Hindustani.
  • The manservant is delighted and tells her that the monkey is disobedient. The manservant's name is Ram Dass, and he works for the man next door.
  • Ram Dass comes over to Sara's attic, catches the monkey, and leaves.
  • Sara is a little embarrassed about how bare and sad her room is, and she thinks about how Miss Minchin will make her stay at the school as a servant forever.
  • The only thing she can do is be princess-like even when she's in rags, because it is that much more of a triumph (and a challenge).
  • She is exceptionally polite to all the servants even when they're awful to her.
  • The next day, she is in the classroom and she suddenly starts laughing.
  • No, there's no joke: she's just thinking about how Miss Minchin would feel if she suddenly found out that Sara was actually a princess.
  • When Miss Minchin demands to know why she's laughing, she tells the truth.
  • Not a good move. Miss Minchin orders her out of the room.

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