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A Little Princess Chapter 12

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Chapter 12

The Other Side of the Wall

  • Sara likes to imagine what's going on in the house next door with the Indian gentleman.
  • She becomes fond of him even though she doesn't know him and figures out that he's actually an Englishman who had lived in India and went through a series of unfortunate events… having to do with some diamond mines.
  • She tries to send good vibes his way because he seems so sick and unhappy.
  • The Large Family goes to visit the Indian gentleman and they find that the man (named Carrisford) has been looking for a certain child.
  • He's convinced that this child is in Paris because her mother was French and her father was… dun, dun, dun, the one and only Ralph Crewe. That's right, ladies and gentleman, he's looking for Sara Crewe!
  • He wants to find Sara and give her a fortune when he finds her because he was Ralph Crewe's business partner.
  • Carmichael (the Large Family's father) assures Carrisford that they'll find the girl and that he himself will go to Paris to search for her.
  • At the same time Sara is on the other side of the wall talking to Melchisedec, completely unaware that there's a freaking search party for her next door.

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