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A Little Princess Chapter 13

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Chapter 13

Out of the Populace

  • Winter is coming—and it's no fun for Sara and Becky, who are hungry and cold all the time.
  • Sara tries to keep them warm by telling stories of warm places, but, you know, it's just not the same as a nice toasty fire.
  • While running an errand on a cold, wet day, Sara thinks how nice it would be to find some money, buy some hot buns, and eat them all without stopping.
  • Lo and behold—she finds a fourpenny piece!
  • She's off to find delicious food to stuff into her mouth, but before she gets to the bakery she sees a little street beggar who tells her that she hasn't had food in days.
  • Sara goes inside to buy four buns with her fourpenny piece, but the woman gives her six because she looks so hungry.
  • Outside, Sara gives the beggar child five of the buns, keeping only one for herself.
  • The baker woman comes out and asks the beggar child how many buns Sara gave her, and she can't believe that Sara gave away so many.
  • She tells the beggar child to come indoors and warm herself up, and that she'll give her food, too.
  • That's our Sara, spreading the love.
  • Sara eats tiny pieces of her last bun as she's walking back.
  • As she walks back, the Large Family is saying goodbye to their father and they tell him to find the little girl. Sara wonders who they're looking for.
  • Oh, the irony!

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