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A Little Princess Chapter 17

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Chapter 17

It Is the Child!

  • The next day, the Large Family is at Mr. Carrisford's house trying to cheer him up because Mr. Carmichael still hasn't found Ralph Crewe's child.
  • Ooh, ooh! Pick us! We know where she is!
  • Anyway, Mr. Carrisford is really bummed out and just about ready to give up.
  • At that very moment, Ram Dass comes in and says that the child from next door has come in to deliver the monkey.
  • (This is going to be good.)
  • Mr. Carrisford says that he'd like to see her—since he's been providing all these nice things for her, after all—and tells her to come in.
  • Sara comes in and says that she will hand it over to the Lascar.
  • When Mr. Carrisford asks how she knows about Lascars, she says she was born in India
  • What a coincidence!
  • Mr. Carrisford suddenly seems extremely interested in Sara's circumstances. He has Mr. Carmichael ask her about how she came to be a scullery maid at Miss Minchin's.
  • Sara says that at first she was a pupil, but then her father lost all his money and died. She says that her father's friend took all his money and that her father's name is Ralph Crewe and he died in India.
  • Everyone freaks out for a moment, and Sara doesn't really know why.
  • Finally they tell her that they've been looking for her this whole time—all two years—and that Mr. Carrisford is her father's friend.

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