Study Guide

A Little Princess Chapter 19

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Chapter 19


  • Sara tells the children in the Large Family all about her story, which they love—especially the part about the magical things that appeared in her attic room.
  • (Sara kind of glosses over the starvation-and-abuse part.)
  • Mr. Carrisford tells his part of the story and says that Ram Dass thought of the idea of sneaking over to Sara's room and making it magical and warm—and that Mr. Carrisford loved how fanciful the idea was.
  • They become great friends, Sara and Mr. Carrisford. He plans all sorts of fun activities, gives her little gifts, and even buys her a dog named Boris.
  • One day, Sara looks thoughtful and Mr. Carrisford asks her what she's thinking about.
  • She says she's thinking about "the hungry day" when she found the fourpence and bought the buns.
  • She wants to go talk to the baker and ask her if she'll give bread to the poor children and send the bill to Sara.
  • The next morning, Sara and Mr. Carrisford and Becky set out to go to the bakery, and Sara has to remind the baker woman about who she is.
  • Then Sara asks her if she'll give food to the hungry children and let Sara pay for it.
  • When the baker woman hears this, she says that she's already doing a bit of that.
  • Oh, and she took in that hungry child that Sara gave the five buns.
  • The girl (Anne) now works at the bakery.
  • Sara says that because Anne knows what it's like to be hungry, that she should be the one to give the buns and bread to the children in the future.
  • And … that's all, folks. Happy endings all around.

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