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A Little Princess Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


  • Sara may be a weird kid, but Ermengarde St. John has a decidedly weird name. She's not super smart, poor thing, and is blown away by Sara's ability to learn French.
  • Miss Minchin isn't very nice to Ermengarde, and because of this, Sara feels the need to reach out to her.
  • After lessons, Sara introduces herself. Ermengarde goes on about how clever Sara must be because she can speak French.
  • Sara does what any child would upon making a friend (not)—she asks Ermengarde if she'd like to meet Emily, her doll.
  • When she starts to tell fantastical stories about Emily, Ermengarde is amazed at how she's able to just make things up on the fly.
  • Suddenly, Sara looks like she's in pain. Ermengarde asks her what is up with that, and Sara responds that she's in pain because she misses her father.
  • Then, Ermengarde asks Sara if she'd like to be her best friend. Which is not weird at all.
  • Sara agrees. Yay, BFF!

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