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A Little Princess Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


  • Miss Minchin kisses up to Sara all the time and compliments her because she wants her to stay at the boarding school—on account of all that money, of course.
  • Whenever parents come, Sara is brought out to speak to them as evidence of how good the school is.
  • That's bananas, of course, since Sara hasn't learned a thing at the school.
  • Lavinia is super jealous of Sara, Mean Girls-style. She wants to stay the queen bee and thinks that Sara's habit of playing pretend and making up stories is completely silly.
  • However, Sara is super friendly and kind to all the students so obviously they like her more. She even has tea parties for them in her room.
  • One little girl, Lottie Leigh, is prone to tantrums and constantly uses the fact that her mother is dead as a bargaining chip.
  • One day when she's having a tantrum that Miss Amelia and Miss Minchin can't deal with, Sara volunteers to to calm her down.
  • Sara lets her cry and then calmly informs Lottie that she doesn't have a mother either. Both their mothers are in heaven and that it is an absolutely beautiful and angelic place.
  • Sara says that she will be Lottie's mama at the school, and takes her to go wash her face and brush her hair.

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