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A Little Princess Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


  • Sara's been at the school for two years now (which makes her eleven, for those keeping track.)
  • As she's getting out of the carriage one day, she sees a little dingy figure standing on the stairs and watching her. Sara smiles at the person, who runs away.
  • Later that day, she sees the same girl enter the room as she's telling stories to the other pupils about mermaids.
  • Lavinia points out snottily that the girl has been listening, and the girl runs away. When Sara is annoyed, Lavinia says that it's unseemly to tell stories to servant girls.
  • (Because why, exactly?)
  • When Sara gets back to her room, she asks Mariette who the girl is. It turns out she's a scullery maid who does all sorts of nasty chores for the household.
  • A few weeks later, Sara comes into her room to see Becky asleep on the chair. She lets her sleep for a while, but Becky wakes up and is totally horrified.
  • Sara assures her that it's okay and even invites her to sit down and have a slice of cake.
  • Then she says that Becky can listen to her stories any time she wants to.
  • Is your heart warmed yet?

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