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A Little Princess Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The Diamond Mines

  • A little later, Sara gets an exciting letter: her papa is investing in diamond mines! Talk about glamorous.
  • Lavinia, in true Mean Girls fashion, sniffs and huffs and says that they should call Sara "Your Royal Highness."
  • We already don't like Lavinia, but it gets worse when she actually has a tiff with Lottie, who is about a decade younger than she is:
  • Lavinia tells Lottie not to be a baby and to not cry, and Lottie becomes hysterical. However, Sara sweeps in and saves Lottie, who asks her to tell her about the diamond mines.
  • Lavinia says that she'd like to slap Lottie, and Sara retorts that she would slap Lavinia, but she's above that.
  • Of course, Lavinia uses that as an excuse to call Sara a princess.
  • Sara comes towards her, and we're so ready for a fight.
  • But at the last moment, she stops and says, yeah, sometimes she does pretend to be a princess so she'll behave like one.
  • Sara talks to Becky and hears about all sorts of crazy things in the attic where Becky lives—like, there are rats. Blech! Sara feels bad for her and gives her some food.
  • Sara also tells Becky stories.
  • A few weeks before Sara's eleventh birthday, she gets a letter from her father telling her that he's buying her a "Last Doll" (since she's growing so old) and that her birthday is going to be one super duper big party that he'll pay for (naturally).
  • When she wakes up on her birthday, Becky has left her a little package with a pincushion. She says that she loves it, and she and Becky hug.

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