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A Little Princess Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The Diamond Mines Again

  • Sara goes into the schoolroom for her big party and even gets Miss Minchin to agree to let Becky stay.
  • Duh, to watch, not to actually participate.
  • Miss Minchin gives a big, fake speech about "dear Sara" and thanks her for coming to the school. Then Sara gets her last doll with a trunkful of fancy clothes for it.
  • However, at the same time, disaster is a'brewing.
  • Captain Crewe's solicitor (that's "lawyer" for all you Americans) comes and demands to talk to Miss Minchin.
  • He says that Captain Crewe is dead and that there were no diamonds in the diamond mines—so now "dear Sara" is both penniless AND an orphan.
  • Sara's big party isn't being paid for and Miss Minchin is going to have to take care of her... forever. Of course she's furious.
  • Miss Minchin tells Miss Amelia, who starts to cry. Becky turns out to be in the room and she starts to cry too.
  • Miss Minchin calls Sara in and tells her that her papa is dead, and she'll have to make herself useful around the school.
  • Wow, not much compassion here.
  • Sara won't be able to keep playing with her dolls or keep all her fancy things.
  • And? She's also going to start sleeping in the attic room next to Becky's.
  • Sara is remarkably calm for a child who's just had her entire world taken away. She trudges up to the attic and lies down in the dingy little room.
  • Then Becky comes in and they both cry together.

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