Study Guide

Aunt March in Little Women

By Louisa May Alcott

Aunt March

Aunt March, not to be confused with Aunt Carrol, is, as her name suggests, the March girls' aunt. If you want to get specific, and we know you do, she's a paternal aunt by marriage – their father's sister-in-law. For a while, Jo works as Aunt March's companion, reading to her and taking care of her spoiled little dog. Aunt March is fussy and particular and extremely irritating to Jo. After Beth catches scarlet fever, Aunt March is forced to take in young Amy, who needs to be quarantined. Amy and Aunt March hit it off pretty well; Amy admires Aunt March's jewelry and wealth, and Aunt March likes the fact that Amy has better manners than Jo. This switcheroo proves unpleasant when Amy is rewarded for her good manners by a trip to Europe with another aunt, Aunt Carrol.