Study Guide

Janey in Lonesome Dove

By Larry McMurtry


Not So Plain Jane

Janey is a wild child like no other. She runs away from her creeper husband, Old Sam, and she decides to stick with Roscoe to help him out. We're not sure what's in it for her. Maybe she just wants company. Janey is more capable than Roscoe, July, and Joe combined.

Janey gets a little bit of a reward for her heroism and skills when July offers to board her, giving her shelter in a town. But she refuses. You can take the girl out of the West, but you can't take the West out of the girl. Janey only knows how to live in the wild. Unfortunately, she is killed by Blue Duck, along with Joe and Roscoe. She's only in a few chapters, but considering what an impression she makes, she deserves her own character section.

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