Study Guide

Po Campo in Lonesome Dove

By Larry McMurtry

Po Campo

Walk the Walk

Po Campo replaces Bolivar as the cook for the guys, but these two are very different men. For one thing, Po Campo walks everywhere because he doesn't ride animals. It's not like he's a vegetarian or anything, though; in fact, this dude will eat or drink anything. He expands the cowboy's picky palates by serving bugs and making butter from worms. He rations water during a drought. And he says,

"I once drank the urine of a mule. It kept me alive." (89.11)

Lesson: always bring a bottle of water when you go to Texas.

The main difference between Po Campo and Bolivar is that Bolivar keeps everything to himself, but Po Campo is blunt and matter-of-fact, like when he flat-out says he killed his wife.

"She lives in hell, where I sent her." (48.45)

Lesson: don't marry Po Campo.

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