Study Guide

Lonesome Dove Chapters 61-65

By Larry McMurtry

Chapters 61-65

  • Gus and Lorena make camp in what Gus hopes is the path of the herd, and they huddle up for the storm.
  • Lorena is still in shock, but Gus plays games with her, and she begins to speak again.
  • After the rain stops, Gus and Lorena continue on and finally bump into the herd.
  • But it's the wrong herd.
  • It's Wilbarger's herd, and Gus is relieved to see a friendly face.
  • Wilbarger feeds Gus and Lorena, gives Gus some booze, and gives them a tent.
  • With Wilbarger's provisions, the three rest for a week, and Lorena begins to regain her strength.
  • One day, Lorena is strong enough to wade into the river and take a bath. She feels clean again, and she cries.
  • More storms, more riding, more rivers.
  • This river is exciting because the men strip naked to cross it, so their clothes can be bundled up and kept dry.
  • It's a bad time to be naked, because a hailstorm hits. Ouch ouch ouch.
  • Po Campo, the cook, gathers hailstones while everyone runs for cover, and the men wonder what he'll cook up with them.
  • Augustus is back, just in time to get an eyeful of the men as they get dressed.
  • And Augustus gets to sample some of the candy Po Campo made from hailstones. Yum.
  • Dish wants to know if Gus plans on marrying Lorie, but Gus tells Dish he has someone else in mind to wed.
  • Gus turns the conversation to Call, not that he asked for it, saying he wishes Call had been wed. Then maybe he'd have enough sense to call off the cattle drive.
  • But Call doesn't have that kind of sense, and they plan on pushing on.
  • In case you were wondering where Jake Spoon has been (we sure haven't), he's in a place called Bill's Saloon. He spends time with a whore named Sally Skull, which is a good name for a whore, if you ask us.
  • One night, Sally shoots a man and is put in jail. She tries to escape, and both she and the deputy kill each other. Dang.
  • Jake goes through Sally's stuff and takes her money. She won't need it where she's going.
  • In Dallas, Jake gambles with the Suggs brothers: Dan, the oldest, followed by Ed and Roy. They're criminals traveling with a black man named Frog Lip. Their plan is to be regulators. In other words, they plan to find cattle drivers and charge them just for walking through the area.
  • Jake sees this as an opportunity to keep traveling and goes along with the Suggs brothers. This seems like a bad idea.
  • July Johnson rides and rides and feels sad and guilty, and then rides some more.
  • July rides so hard that even his horse dies. This man is bad luck.
  • July considers killing himself, but he decides against it.
  • He bumps into a small herd and buys a horse from the trail boss.
  • Then July takes a bath and eats a badger—and that's about all there is to see here.